IDS Show Experience 2019 / by Sperry Bilyea

First thing, we are so happy that Interior Design Show team accepted our application and we were able to attend our first annual IDS Show.  Our IDS team were exemplary and extremely helpful.

IDS Show - Having the party the first night was such a fun way to meet creative passionate people looking at the latest trends, having delicious appetizers and connecting with like minded people. I have never been too hip but it felt very hip and it was fun to see Toronto out in this way. The overhead lights on Thursday's night party were dimmed down which was great for us. It made our lightboxes super standout.

The Exhibitors - I always enjoy meeting new people and learning about new products.  There was a lovely community of entrepreneurs who were incredibly helpful with an extra ladder, friendly face or some good business advice.

The Attendees- we have been to a few other shows and by the end we were pretty drained physically and emotionally.  However, at the IDS show the attendees were very inspiring by their questions, interests and passions.  We loved the diversity, young and old all interested in the latest products for their home. 

The Media - we have had some great free coverage from the sidewalk hustle to an upcoming Cityline Show.  We are hoping we can get some additional press and will continue to work on this. Doing shows like this are so important and really are quite good for helping get the word out.

Our Focus - when you have focus on where you need to head it really helps moving the ball forward.  Interior Designers is our target market this quarter and next.  They have the creativity, vision and perspective how these custom lightboxes would work in their client's home setting.  The IDS show was a perfect show for us.

Our Consistency - a tradeshow forces you to get your ducks in a row from marketing to your website to our social media.  We have been consistent over the last few months and it makes such a difference.  

Our Attitude - Being an entrepreneur and going with the flow when things come up is key to success.  From chopping up signs and floors because the booth was too small to borrowing size 13 hard toe boots from the security team to getting help to pack up booth...were all small decisions that are somewhat stressful at the time but looking back were good ones.

Our Date Night - Very thankful for my dear partner all 4 days helping me with all the details.  It was go go go but a fun way to spend time together and build our dreams.

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