#NOMOREBOREDWALLS / by Sperry Bilyea

We are prepping for the IDS Show.  My husband was letting me practice my 30 second offering.  I wanted something cheeky and fun.  Many times when people walked by the booth at the Cottage Life Show they did not know what we were selling.  I started saying the lightbox is a "modern day slide" or "next generation canvas print.”

I know that to have a lightbox in your home is a little forward thinking.  They are everywhere in the Europe store windows, they are starting to come into our retail spaces and store windows such as Sport Chek and Indigo.  These lightboxes will eventually be in people's home, offices and basements.

All I can say is when I look at mine in my office.  It makes me smile.  It is my Shift Your Thinking Logo -  I remember my purpose, my amazing business partner and the support community that we are building.  When you put something meaningful on your walls it can bring your joy and besides your walls will be happy too.

Hope to see you at Booth 1607 at the IDS Show!