The Perfect Valentine's Gift! / by Sperry Bilyea

Using Oprah's Gift Guide Selectors Criteria…

Hard to believe it is almost the end of January.  Valentines Day is just around the corner.  It has always been a big day in our house growing up because it was the day my parents met.  It was a Grade 10 Valentines Day and they had their first dance. We always enjoyed hearing their stories, we had to dress up in red clothing and come with a love poem, limerick or story at the table.  2019 - they are celebrating their 50 years together which really is an inspiration to all those that know them.

We recognize a custom fabric lightbox is a little on the more expensive end for a Valentines Day is personal and thoughtful. As we are preparing to get on to Oprah's gift guide this is a perfect gift choice.

Oprah's gift guide searchers look for 4 things:

Is the gift relevant? Sure is.  You can let the receiver pick their favorite photo, artist, logo or you can.  It shows you thought about it ahead of time.

Is the gift useful?  Absolutely.  One of the coolest features is you can interchange the fabric photos so if you move, additional family members, holiday you can just simply switch out the fabrics.  LEDs lasts for over 20 years.

Does the gift bring joy to who receive it and/or give it?  Do not underestimate the joy it brings when you walk into your room and see a beautiful piece of art or special photo in your room.

Does it have a sense of value? Is it something you are happy to and willing to spend your hard earned money for?  It is beautifully crafted and built by our welding, printing, electricians, sewers and shipper teams.  The fabric has a luxurious finish and the aluminum frames are modern with an overall feeling of modern chic.

Orders have to be in by February 1st to get your custom lightbox in time for Valentines Day.  If you have any ideas how to get on to Oprah's gift guide drop us a line.